Gadke Solutions

Houston, TX

Brandon Gadke, Founder and CEO


CEO/Host: Brandon Gadke
VP of Operations: Carol Gadke
Producer: Carol Gadke (Interim)
Business/Marketing Director: Vacant

About Us

Brandon founded Gadke Solutions as an attempt to bring to light the technology behind our everyday online interactions.

Our intention is not to compete with the big players of the online social networking, media and video sharing/streaming platforms. Our intention is to show you and teach you HOW these platforms work; from what you are seeing and doing to what is actually happening behind the scenes.

Brandon has coined the four domains of Gadke Solutions as the "ladder" of technology education: Computer Engineering, Network Engineering, Cyber Security Engineering, and Website Engneering.

Additionally, Brandon has themed and narrowed down the Internet platforms of interaction as being social networking, video sharing, movie streaming, and search engines - in which holds the driving force of finding all of this information and more.